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Mr. Bush has been in the music game since the age of 13 or younger.He has traveled around the world twice, while serving in the United States Military. He is originally from Lexington,Kentucky, He has collaborated with many indie artist and labels such as, (65Max Ent,Money Baggs Entertainment, & Southern Stisles Records) of California & Alabama.  He also became a member of the rap group "UTG" in 2003. Since the group split up he has worked many different projects. Bush signed with Firstborn Entertainment which whe founded in 2000. The deal was made official in 2011, were partnered up with CEO Ronald Henderson of 65Max Ent. This deal was designed to bring Firstborn Fullgrind Ent into different regions of the US. Bush has worked and produced many promising artist that circullated throughout a "WIDE" region. He has produced albums such as (Ky Style) which was released in Germany. His new single the (Re-Up) will be another next level creative introduction to hip hop music. Bush has currently returned to AL where he will release his next project single entitled (The Re-Up). He feels that this single will definitely set the trail for his next release set to follow this single for real fans of Hip Hop.